Students getting explanations on class material from a Peer Leader

Peer-Led Undergraduate Supplements

The Peer-Led Undergraduate Supplements are offered through the Office for Diversity in Science Training, which coordinates the management of several externally-funded programs for underrepresented students at the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University.

Need Help With Classes?

Peer-Led Undergraduate Supplements (PLUS) are review sessions coupled with interactive exercises that reinforce lecture materials in a small group setting. These sessions are specifically designed to bridge gaps between teaching and learning. PLUS is open to all students enrolled in the course. Please come to any discussion section that fits your schedule. The sessions are free!

Professor giving a chemistry class

Supplement Sessions

PLUS offers supplement sessions for biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry classes for both the fall and spring semesters.

Currently Offered

PLUS Spring 2024 session times are available. Please select your specific course to see the session times.

Student getting a liquid sample with a pipette
Student adding liquid into a graduated cylinder in a laboratory class
Three students looking at, and discussing experiment results in a laboratory

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